Who’s Who

Rector – Revd. David Kaboleh.

Churchwardens and Assistant Churchwarden – Claire Hennessy, Anita Tansley, Meryl Munson (ACW)

Parochial Church Council (PCC):

  • Ros Connell
  • Annie Kimblin
  • Garry Rippin
  • Anita Tansley
  • Claire Hennesey
  • Michael Tansley
  • Meryl Munson

Treasurer – Michael Tansley.

Organist – Stephen Johns, Kate Billimore, Michael Tippen.

Church Care – Anita Tansley

Flowers –  Meryl Munson.

Puppet club – Anita Tansley and Meryl Munson

Church Preparation and Coffee Rota – Jenny Armitstead and Annie Kimblin

Readers – Anita Tansely

Churchyard Maintenance – Garry Rippin, Michael Tansley, Peter and Liz Jordain.

Health and Safety – Peter Kolbert, Advisory role.

Safeguarding – Meryl Munson

Bell Ringing – Brian Woodham (Tower Captain)