We hope to achieve these aims through outreach and community projects, charitable giving, prayer and witness.

Charitable Giving

The Church is committed to charitable giving and supports several charities.

These include:

Christian Aid, The Children’s Society, The Royal British Legion,(Poppies), Bucks Historic Churches, The Smile Train, The Church Missionary Society, The Barnabas Fund and Samaritan’s Projects.

We also support The Porch with gifts of food from Harvest Festival, and The Vinestore at Aylesbury with donations of food , clothing and household goods collected by our congregation.

Our Vision

Vision for the future is to build on the rich heritage of the past, and during the present establish St Nicholas as a church for the future. We aim to do this by bridging the generations, through lively relevant worship which is appropriate to adults and children alike.

We would like to think that the next generation will inherit a thriving and virulent church, rich in fellowship, strong in faith and supporting the community it serves. With your help we can achieve this vision.