Celebrating Children

We have strong links with Ickford School which over the years has been involved in several projects with the church. The children’s artwork and research have been displayed in church making colourful, interesting focal points and enjoyed by all.

Cafe ServiceWhen available a children’s choir joins us at services such as Mothering Sunday, making them extra special with the magic of children’s voices raised in song.

We are delighted that the school holds its Harvest Festival service at St Nicholas, adding to the decoration and with generous donations of groceries which go to charity.

To help parents with young families join us in worship we have introduced informal Cafe Services. These have been well received – cake enjoyed, craft work made, stories heard followed by some very enthusiastic singing and music making. Great fun was had by all. See you at the next one, (you don’t have to have children!)- look at the notice boards for details.

PATRONAL FESTIVAL (St Nicholas Service)
Hundreds of churches are dedicated to St Nicholas, nationwide and throughout the world. However, very few still celebrate their Patronal festival with the traditional of having a “boy bishop”. Every year on the first Sunday in December, children from the school present a short drama, in costume, about St Nicholas. The Rector processes a child bishop into the church fully robed, with mitre and crosier. He sits in the Bishop’s chair and presides over the service. It is a wonderful occasion and we are very proud of this tradition.


In 2019 we started a puppet club as we were inspired by the puppet club at St Mary’s Church Princes Risborough. St Mary’s very generously gave us some large Muppet sized puppets to get us going. Seven of us met every week to rehearse, make scenery and staging. We had our debut performance in February 2020 with Jonah and the Whale, which was very well received.

This venture is Christian Mission through puppets. They have a wide appeal, are non-threatening and great fun! Details from Meryl – 339608 or Anita 339952


We welcome children in our church and try to engage with them and their parents. Please join us.